As a part of Anth-402 Archaeological Field Methods, I participated in the archaeological survey being conducted of the Palouse Prairie (actually the empty field across from the EWU campus and not the Palouse Prairie which is in Idaho and the South-Eastern part of Washington) ahead of the restoration project beginning. I participated in background research at the university archives, as well as pedestrian survey through the project area and shovel testing of select sites. Through the project, I learned of the stages of Archaeological research and site excavation, legal and ethical codes for archaeologists, and various field techniques utilized by archaeologists while in the field.

Map of the project area. We started south and worked our way up to the area west of the EWU football field.

Update: It seems that EWU has realized that the area is not actually the Palouse and might have changed the project name to just “The Prairie Restoration Project” although the header on the website still says Palouse Prairie Restoration.