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Digital Mapping and GIS

Maps are incredibly useful tools for historians and the advent of digital mapping and the wide range of versatile software such as ArcGIS and new formats of maps made possible through the use of computers has created a new demand… Continue Reading →

A Short Video

Just a short video. It’s pretty poorly done since I didn’t edit anything. Link:

Podcasting History

History podcasts are a great way for historians to present a topic to a wider audience. Podcasts have a few strengths compared to other digital mediums; they’re portable since even a cheap mp3 player can be used to listen to… Continue Reading →

Let Slip the Hogs of War

As a fan of odd, needless conflicts it brings me great delight to read about any war that has an animal in the name. There are several wars named after animals, including three so-called “pig wars” according to Wikipedia including… Continue Reading →

Visualizing Data

A random bit of trivia I find interesting is that the novelist Kurt Vonnegut tried to get a MA in anthropology, but his thesis was rejected for being too simple. His idea was that stories from different societies could be… Continue Reading →

The New Historic Sites

A few years ago my parents took a trip to Mexico and had invited me to go with them. I initially refused, however, my father kept pushing me and one argument he made was that since I was planning on… Continue Reading →

A Brief Discussion of Digital Humanities

Similar to the term public history there is no clear definition of digital humanities. Both terms are somewhat broadly defined, in digital humanities case that definition that is used by wikipedia is  an area of scholarly activity at the intersection… Continue Reading →

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