During my two years in the MA program, I worked as a GSA intern at the Eastern Region Branch of the Washington State Archives. During that time I built on my previous archival experiences and improved my skills in reference, processing, digitization, and descriptive writing.

Archives Treasures and Newsletter: In order to promote the archives and assist in pointing researchers towards new or interesting records I wrote several Archives Treasures and was given the role of selecting which stories from the backlog of treasures would go onto the digital archives front page. Most of my own stories are unpublished as of this time. I also researched and helped to write stories for the Archives newsletter.

Grand Coulee Dam Treasure – As a note, this story was attributed to a co-worker when it was uploaded and I was mistakenly given credit for a previous story she had written.

Pardon Story – While credited as having researched this story, I did contribute a few paragraphs as well.

Digitization projects: two projects I worked on during my time at the WSA were the digitization of property record cards and the inventorying and digitization of Walla Walla County Territorial Court files which is the first part in a much larger project to digitize the records for the whole Territorial Court system.

Other archives work: In additon to the long term projects I performed basic archival duties such as fulfilling reference request, processing new collections, and retrieivng and assessing material for assession from local agencies. I created two new surragate files for visitor and classroom use, and assisted in review of tools for classroom use.